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  1. this is the log. Android Emulator MEmu [19:42:33] Cannot read MEmu(MEmu) ADB Device Host [19:42:33] Cannot read MEmu(MEmu) ADB Device Port [19:42:33] Using ADB default device for MEmu [19:42:33] MEmu shared folder is not available [19:42:33] MEmu (MEmu) running in window mode [19:42:33] Android ADB screencap disabled, please check Android Options [19:42:34] Watchdog launched [19:43:03] Android Emulator Konfiguration: MEmu (Instanz MEmu) [19:43:03] WELCOME CHIEF, YOU HAVE THE LATEST MYBOT VERSION ` [19:29:03] ===============
  2. Does anyone know what happened with [Removed]? and is mybot as good as [Removed]? c.l.a.s.h.f.a.r.m.e.r
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