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  1. auto clan member invite i think it would be crazy to have the bot invite clan members to your clan and you can have it look for like member in looking for clan game / clan war and so on
  2. thank you for your help man it really help now it works keep up the good work for helping people have a good day
  3. switch and donation not working okay got it so i can switch accounts but ever time i add the donation fix it masses up my switch account is there a file for coordinates for both the account switch and donation plz help thank you
  4. this sucks i ether get donation working and account switch does it or the other way around i really need help with files i changed both files with no luck Plz someone help me
  5. may i ask how you run more then one bot
  6. switch accounts super cell is there a fix around for the update for supercell accounts i runing 4 account on supercell id
  7. donation not working for the 5 time 'C:\Users\tyler\Desktop\MyBot-MBR_v7.7.9 (1)\imgxml\imglocbuttons\ClanChatButton_0_92.xml' !ERROR D [2019-11-04 22:18:50.828] ClanChat Button Image(s) NOT FOUND : ClanChat*ERROR Plz help me and i have done what rbrt said
  8. missing image help i need to find where to put the image that missing back this is what it is saying when i ran debug [9:06:43 PM] ClanChat Button Image(s) NOT FOUND : ClanChat* [9:06:43 PM] Error finding the Clan Tab Button
  9. sorry man thank you okay i did it but i did it a different way it saying clan chat button image NOT found
  10. donation not working [5:40:04 PM] Collecting Free Magic Items [5:40:05 PM] Trader unavailable [5:40:07 PM] Requesting Clan Castle reinforcements [5:40:23 PM] Total Army Camp Capacity: 65/200 (32%) [5:40:23 PM] Total Spell Factory Capacity: 0/6 [5:40:23 PM] Warning: Total Spell Capacity is not the same as in GUI [5:40:24 PM] Donations enabled, available troops 32%, limit 99% [5:40:25 PM] Error finding the Clan Tab Button [5:40:35 PM] Bot was Paused it keep clicking the builder and then closes clash of clan
  11. gem farming there should be the a way to let the bot sell you season pass that wont fit in to your storage because after the season done i mean it going to wast so why not get gems for it
  12. it crazy how much the bot does and yet they still add new thing to do and it amazing
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