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  1. this is what it says before it has the problem [9:03:45 PM] BlueStacks2 (Android) will be automatically rebooted in 0d 23h 59m [9:03:45 PM] Trying to locate Main Screen [9:03:50 PM] Detected Builder Base, trying to switch back to Main Village
  2. my bot just stops when it try to zoom out it just froze
  3. not hard and make you a little safer so would do it
  4. here man is a new mod that pretty amazing and has some thing you can check out here take a look
  5. well it working better with then without so i mean it not hard to do so it worth doing
  6. i had it running 5 days in a row and everything is going amazing dont know what everyone else is doing but this work great i tested 1 account that was new and wanted to see so i rain one with this on my laptop and one on my desktop for 5 day at the same time and my laptop was fine and my desktop was banned now i know this can very but i feel this work amazing for how easy it is to do and better safe then anything
  7. Bionic

    Ai learning

    well like so like the bot would learn to place buildings and learn new updates and would help the dev out s they are not having to update it every time clash has a update but more of a thought then it need to be just think it would be crazy to see it make crazy custom army to find the best attack for what it trying to do from upgrading or pushing troopys and would teach it self to become more advanced for the builder base or even main but main would be really hard because it way bigger then builders
  8. builder base i dont know if it should be doing this but after it attacks in the builder base it restart coc just wanted to find out if that what should happen
  9. Bionic

    Ai learning

    ? so is that like no
  10. Ai learning why does some one make it where the bot can learn the game and it would nee less updates now i just was looking into ai learing and it would take a littel time but think it would be well worth it
  11. Bionic


    bluestacks okay i can not find out anything ti fix this okay and i dont know when it happens but when the bot try to shutdown bluestakes it freezes and the bot top working and there no way to just exit the app you have to right click the icon on the bottom bare hit close and then close program so i let it run with the code on to find out but it a bluestake problem okay so well im trying it undocked to see if that helps so far going great
  12. Bionic


    random i think it would be a better option to be able to make the time the bot on and off change ever day so the times it on change everyday to help prevent bans tell me what you guys think of this
  13. try this mod go to profiles and switch accounts hope it works
  14. Bionic


    a problem comes into play with your profiles if they add or take something out your profiles may not be the same that and it not very worth to do all that but not a bad idea if they could
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