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  1. I have correctly gone to each profile and pulled the shared_prefs and clicked save each time. When the bot switches between profiles it eventually gets stuck on the 1 from my third account. I've tried creating 3 new profiles and it still eventually becomes 1 once the profiles switch. Example: Account 1 (3 heros): https://imgur.com/2iAyrPE Then if I switch to account 2 (1 hero): https://imgur.com/NURgWQR Then if I switch back to the first account (3 heros), it is now 2 heros: Edit: I'm going to just delete all profiles and start again, I'll see what happens..
  2. Can I ask how you created and managed so many accounts? I'm interested
  3. Profile Change - Reserved Heros Changes I have mybot setup to switch between 3 profiles with 3 different accounts. On Account #1, I have 3 builders reserved for upgrading heros, #2 I have 2, and #3 I have 1. Whenever I run mybot in profile switching mode my settings eventually become 1 builder reserved for heros between all 3 accounts. Whenever someone switches profiles, the lowest value for the Reserved Heros value will somehow be loaded everytime. I've tried making the config file for each my profiles read-only and it still acts in the same way. Thanks for any help.
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