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  1. ollepolle

    Supercell ID

    Yes, found nothing about it. I have had this problem for about two month… Suddenly now as we speak it just working again. Close this thread...
  2. ollepolle

    Supercell ID

    Supercell ID When I`m starting memu, in the window where U fill in the SSID, the window is just White, Cant write anything. Tryied with memu 5.0.5 and 5.2.3? Anyone know of this problem?
  3. ollepolle

    MEmu Recommended Versions

    I use memu 5.0.5. When I start memu it comes to were I should log in with supercell id the screen in memu turns all white and I cant sign in. Any know of that problem?
  4. ollepolle


    Hahaha, such small thing can make my day. Thank U so much.
  5. ollepolle


    Warden I have the latest bot (7.7.5) using csv farming loonion for th11. I cant use my warden. I can tick the box for Queen and king but not warden. Any Ideas?
  6. ollepolle

    Is v7.7.2 supported builder base?

    Is there any mod that will update walls in builder base?
  7. ollepolle

    Clash royale

    Clash royale Anyone now where to get a nice bot for Clash royale?