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  1. With this Text i want to advertise our OLYMPUS-Community [GER/ENG] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • A Home for different MBR-User • Three Clans for the best experience - Two for Farming - One for TrophyPush • A very good organized Clan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Own Discord-Server w/support in all directions - Pre-Configured Bots / Easy usage to start Pushing - Many Guides - Automated invitation System / Easy switch between the Clans. - An own Discord Bot with automated Systems ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • SAFETY - We don´t care a lot about it, we are living it! (That’s the reason why we´re not making WARS ATM !) (We are looking for a safe solution) Inactive Members will be sorted out depending on the end of a Saison or if necessary space is blocked. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are using DISCORD!! The access is a MUST HAVE! - There are the Rules/Guides/ClanGames-Settings & Pre-Configured Bots. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you´re interested, Commend below to join ous! (I´ll write you a PM with the information of the Clan and discord-invitation link) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep Clashing ! We are keeping an Eye on the forum, if we are not quick enough responding, just write ous directly @SnapDog12 , @r3LaXeD or @Freaky2015
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