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  1. It is full. I have having the same problem on all 5 of my accounts running 5 separate bot instances.
  2. I am having the same problem. My CSV is configured properly to drop a battle blimp however since upgrading to 7.7 it will not drop it, even with new profiles created.
  3. Any idea why the bot won't drop blimps during an attack?
  4. I have sent everybody a PM.
  5. I sent you all a message with the details.
  6. Oh, my bad. Didn’t recognize the forum name. I sent you a link to the discord.
  7. Yes. If you would like to join please post your stats in this thread.
  8. I have sent both of you a private message.
  9. I have sent everyone that applied a PM.
  10. PM's sent to you two. "Piya Raja cannot receive messages." Please send me a private message and I will PM you the information.
  11. Any idea if there is a fix for the bot not detecting certain troops during an attack?
  12. .Elysium.

    7.6.5 does not drop alltroops

    Anyone have a fix for this without deleting EVERYTHING and restarting from scratch? I have 5 accounts with individual profiles.. EDIT: I just spent 4 hours removing all traces of my previous installations, updating MEmu to a new version, and recreating 5 NEW profiles.. It still doesn't detect balloons when attacking
  13. I have sent everyone a private message. We are now open for recruitment again!
  14. execute TH12 Undefeatable Lavaloon By Elysium [4:31:05 PM] attack row error, discard: row 9 [4:31:05 PM] Calculate main side... [4:31:05 PM] No Balloon found in your attack troops list [4:31:05 PM] No Balloon found in your attack troops list Any ideas boss? It is not finding balloons while attacking.