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  1. @mitch can you request a specific cc with this feature or does it request the usual cc?
  2. Napounet

    smart farm solution after the update

    Thanks @qandeel.moh it works for me (TH12). Is there any way to slow down the deployment speed for smart attack ? It looks soooo bottish. This is bad.
  3. Napounet

    Bot not working!!

    just wait for an update dude. Be patient.
  4. Napounet

    big boy blocks our camp

    Sadly @DUC4TI is right @demen If the army is 100% correct, it still happens. Nothing blocking the 1st army. Both armies are correct. I can show you some screenshots if you'd like.
  5. Napounet

    big boy blocks our camp

    big boy blocks our camp What's up with that bug where the bot trains the second army then deletes it saying a big boy blocks our camp? It slows the whole thing so badly.
  6. Napounet

    Traps won't re-arm TH9 & TH11

    @rbrtIs this supposed to be fixed now? I have the same issue with traps, xbows and infernos not reloading