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  1. SaidJan

    Attack troops

    I know that, but it doesn't work in Quick Train. This should be enabled and working even when using Quick Train. Also, number 1 is annoying too.
  2. SaidJan

    Attack troops

    Because there are troops challenges (like use 7 valk to get rewards, or use 2 golems to get reward), so I don't use CSV files anymore, because every time I have to change CSV file. I know there is something called "other" to drop the rest of the troops, but still it's a headache every time. Custom train method sometimes faces issues, like making double capacity troops, or sometimes with making full troops, or especially removing troops when I made one dragon (which is not in my custom troops) to donate (and not to take to attack), .... Also for option 3, I know it's SC fault, but it's possible to be implemented in the bot. My biggest issue is option 1, and then 3. 2 is good to be done for increasing the bot startup speed.
  3. SaidJan

    Attack troops

    Attack troops Hi, I have 3 suggestions: 1- I use one side attack (in standard attack), and it drops the Wall wrecker and heroes on another side. Please fix it. 2- I don't think anyone uses "barb only", "arch only", "B+A", "GiBArch" attacks in standard attack. I think it would be good to be removed. 3- I use quick train army, and it can't make Wall wrecker. Thanks
  4. How can I find all these Nox instance names and remove or rename them? I know we can change the instance name in config.ini in bot profile folder, but I want to rename or change them totally.
  5. SaidJan

    Make the clouds dark

    Make the clouds dark Hi, I saw this topic about making the clouds dark, but none of the links work. Does it still work? If so please upload the files again. Do they see it as a reason to ban us since we are modifying files?