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  1. Hello All, wondering if there is a way to deal with a building not being found in the "side" defined in the "make" line? Like "RIGHT-FRONT" and "LEFT-FRONT" and in the example below: MAKE |E |RIGHT-FRONT|1 |0 |IGNORE |5 |5 |AIRDEFENSE | MAKE |F |LEFT-FRONT |1 |0 |IGNORE |5 |5 |AIRDEFENSE | This is the message I see in the logs. Building location not found on side, random pick What does it mean by "random pick"? It couldn't find a target so what is the pick? While observing the attack I see the bot deploying the spells on the same target that was selected by the previous "make" line, thus wasting the spells on a target that has already been destroyed. Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. The bot seems to not find level 13 walls. Anyone have this problem or solution ideas? [9:09:37 AM] Searching for Wall(s) level: 13. Using imgloc: [9:09:37 AM] No wall(s) next to previously upgraded found. [9:09:37 AM] Looking further away. [9:09:38 AM] No wall(s) level: 13 found.
  3. xjenxnx


    Hi All, can someone explain what smartfarm attack does or point me to a post that explains it? Also, how does it differ compared to standard attack? Thank you!
  4. Hello, Can anyone help me understand what triggers this message "skipping loot cart check". I have "Collect Resources & Loot Cart" checked and resources all set to zero. This doesn't seem to happen all the time, sometimes the loot cart gets collected. I'm trying now to see if there is a pattern or condition that causes this behavior. Thanks 2020-08-02_10.24.20.log
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