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MyBot.Run releases v8.0.2 that works with Amazon Appstore


MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of MyBot v8.0.2!!!



Google Play Store is still blocking use of emulators with Clash of Clans. 😞

You must use Amazon AppStore to continue playing Clash of Clans, and using MyBot.Run inside any emulator.  You must also have SCID to use Clash of Clans via Amazon.


It is highly recommended that you create new emulator instance to use the Amazon AppStore.  Amazon AppStore is not available from Google Play store, and must be downloaded via web browser from inside the emulator via this link:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/get/android-download/


Once Amazon version of Clash of Clans is installed, MyBot.Run works like normal.  It is also highly recommended that you create new profiles with Amazon CoC version, as old profiles will have Google distributor information embedded.  There is new distributor reset button feature on the Android tab, if you insist on using old profiles and like pain. 🙂




Long Live MyBot.Run!!

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