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With a development team of proactive developers we can guarantee you the best experience. Our developers are highly skilled and love what they do. As a result, we bring you the best Clash of Clans Bot there is. Unlike many other bots out there, our bot is open sourced. It is because of this that you will know for a fact your account is safe. We will never even ask for your account information! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and be a part of a revolution!

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What's Makes Our COC Bot Different?

Constant Updates

Due to the complexity of Clash of Clans, we strive to bring you the fastest and most accurate bot. In order to do this, we are constantly releasing updates either to add features or perfect features even further.


Open Sourced

There are many Clash of Clans bots out there, but what sets us apart from every other bot is we are open sourced. This means our source code is free to look at. We do this because we want to further assure you that your account is safe and further legitimize the bot.


Unlike most other Clash of Clans bots, our team of developers is dedicated to our users. All of our developers are constantly active on our forums. This way we can easily take suggestions from the community and implement them within a few days.


Attack Algorithms

Currently the bot implements attack algorithms such as a B.Arching attack. In the future, our developers will work on implementing attack algorithms such as GoWipe or LavaLoonion.

Sheer Features

Not only does this bot provide you with over 100 free features, but new features are being constantly added all of the time. We strive to keep our community members happy.


Aside from being fast, reliable, stable, and feature-packed, this bot is easy to set up and can be done by anyone. With only a few easy steps, you can get the bot running in no time. All you need is Bluestacks and AutoIt

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